I joined with Sourcefire’s Vulnerability Research Team (VRT) in July of 2012, causing Laraine (my wife) and I to move from Utah to Maryland. Last year saw the acquisition of Sourcefire by Cisco. This year saw the rebranding of the VRT to Talos. Even with all the changes, I’ve maintained my position as a core developer on the ClamAV development team. I had the opportunity to work and get to know many different and talented people within the VRT/Talos. I cherish each of the relationships I’ve built there.

The time has passed by so quickly, it is truly unbelievable. As I was packing my belongings, I kept reminiscing about the passionate conversations I had in developing and architecting new projects for ClamAV. I really am going to miss being a core developer. I’m glad Cisco is proud of its opensource profile and will continue in the open development of ClamAV.

I’ve had the opportunity to accept a new job at a company headquartered in Annapolis Junction, MD. Though the company deals mainly with government contracts, I will be working primarily on internal projects, building their infrastructure and enhancing their profile. I start in January of 2015. Unfortunately, I don’t feel I can publicly disclose with whom I’ll be working or the projects on which I’ll be working. I’m extremely excited to start this new venture with them.

My five- to ten-year goal is to get HardenedBSD set up as a 501(c)3 not-for-profit (or non-profit) organization so that donations can be tax-deductible. I’m also hoping that the project will earn enough in donations to pay for full-time development for one to two developers.

Lots of cool things are happening. I wonder what awesomeness lies ahead.